Mission and values

  • To encourage internal interaction among the working teams, thus facilitating the achievement of our goals through the combination of efforts.

  • To innovate combining knowledge with technology, so that new dosage forms and new drug delivery systems may be developed.

  • To satisfy physicians’ demands introducing new products, so that patients may show better response to therapies.


The Innovative Pharmaceutical Technology in Laboratorios Beta is a statement underlying its strategy for growing.

This concept implies that the company´s success is closely related to its capacity of combining scientific knowledge with technological innovation. We aim at commercializing safe and effective medicinal products for consumer’s welfare.

The interaction among the IP advisors, the R&D team, and the Pharma and Medical Departments constitutes a key strategy that the company has applied to develop and commercialize new products.

Laboratorios Beta´s growth is based on the introduction of new dosage forms for known therapeutic entities, as well as on launching new molecules that do not have patent protection in our country.

Many obstacles should be overcome daily so that our scientists´ and professionals’ effort is translated into business opportunities.

Patent Law obligates us to thoroughly assessed each pharmaceutical project. That is why a team of professionals is constantly evaluating the risks on the existing patents and applications, as well as the inventive step and novelty of our own developments.


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